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Snailbeach lead mine is a Scheduled Monument in Worthen with Shelve, Shropshire, England. See why it was listed, view it on a map, see visitor comments and photos and share your own comments and photos of this building.

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Snailbeach mine tip post restoration Snailbeach Mine, Snailbeach, Callow Hill-Bog District, Shropshire, England, UK. Mine Buildings Snailbeach Mine, Snailbeach, Callow Hill-Bog District, Shropshire, England, UK. Snailbeach White Tip prior to 'restoration' ... Lead; Pb ⓘ Galena: PbS: Pb ⓘ ...

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The buildings at Snailbeach mine will be open and there will be underground tours available 11.00-16.00 on Sunday 2nd September. There will be short underground tours available without booking but the longer underground tour is available but must be booked - contact [email protected], Thanks to Chris Isles (Friends of Williamsons Tunnels) for the photo - taken on the longer ...

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Snailbeach Lead Mine. Shropshire Index . The Mine Today . 17th Century Workings. The earliest known recorded evidence of mining at Snailbeach dates from 1676, when a group from Derbyshire took out a lease to work the area. This lease was renewed ten years later in 1686, but it is not known how successful their efforts were.

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Snailbeach District Railways was a British narrow gauge railway in Shropshire.It was built to carry lead ore from mines in the Stiperstones to Pontesbury where the ore was transshipped to the Great Western Railway's Minsterley branch line.Coal from the Pontesford coal mines travelled in the opposite direction. The line ended at Snailbeach, the location of Shropshire's largest and richest lead ...

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Aug 24, 2005· It's a Regular size geocache, with difficulty of 2, terrain of 3. It's located in West Midlands, United Kingdom.The Romans open-mined for lead in this area and in its heyday in the mid 1870's Snailbeach produced over 10% of all the nation's lead ore, being one of the richest lead mines in Europe. The above approximate co-ords.

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The monument is situated within the village of Snailbeach on a west facing scarp slope at the northernmost limit of the Stiperstones ridge. It includes intact buildings and ruins (a number of which are Listed Buildings), earthworks and other remains of parts of Snailbeach lead mine.

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This speeded up driveage rates and cut handling costs in the mine. The mine was also linked to the Snailbeach District Railway. Unlike many lead mines, Snailbeach kept working during the years of low lead prices after 1870, but output fell sharply in the mid 1880s as the limits of the orebody were reached.

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Jun 04, 2009· Snailbeach is a quiet Shropshire village, but in Victorian times it would have been far from quiet - it was the hub of the South Shropshire lead mining community. There are open days at the mine ...

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Jan 08, 2017· In December I paid a flying visit to the site of Snailbeach Lead Mine and the remains of the Snailbeach District Railway where it adjoins the mine site. Snailbeach is in Shropshire. I have been aware of the mine for some years, but have never got around to visiting.

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Snailbeach District Railway The Beginning The Snailbeach District Railway opened in 1877 to serve the lead mining district on the western flank of the Stiperstones range of hills in Shropshire. Originally envisaged as a public railway, it evolved because of lack of …

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Towards the end of the 18th century most of the lead mines in the orefield closed down, due mainly due to cheap imports, and Snailbeach mine soldiered on until 1911 when they stopped pumping causing the mine to flood. After that a small number of men mined Barytes from the unflooded areas until 1955.

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Sep 17, 2018· tracing the rise and fall of Snailbeach Lead mine through the use of historic photographs, animated plans and sections, and unique underground video footage, I.A.Recordings. Putting industry on video - an archive for the future. Snailbeach Mining History, DVD Production Snailbeach

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Snailbeach Mine, Snailbeach: See 34 reviews, articles, and 24 photos of Snailbeach Mine on TripAdvisor. Flights ... First class experience at Snailbeach Lead Mine. We booked for the 3pm underground tour of Snailbeach Lead mine on 2 June 2019. Our guide, Calvin Lake, was brilliant. So knowledgeable and so generous with that knowledge - and ...

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Oct 08, 2018· Snailbeach was once considered "the richest mine per acre of ground in Europe", and was one of the most famous lead mines of Britain. The Romans probably mined the lead ore Galena on this site first and they were certainly busy at nearby mines in …

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Aug 21, 2019· First class experience at Snailbeach Lead Mine. We booked for the 3pm underground tour of Snailbeach Lead mine on 2 June 2019. Our guide, Calvin Lake, was brilliant. So knowledgeable and so generous with that knowledge - and patient with all my questions! The other staff members/volunteers clearly loved their work and...

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The Snailbeach mines with thunder in the air The day I first saw the remains of the lead mines at Snailbeach was the day that England beat Poland with surprising ease on their way to qualifying for Italia 90. (Gazza, Gary Linker, Nessun Dorma and all that.)

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Jul 22, 2018· a look at the bog mine and gunpowder store.

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Snailbeach Mine Time to Learn your Buddles from your Kibbles and Whims. Dating back almost 2000 years, Snailbeach mine was the largest lead mine in Shropshire and during its heyday, during the mid-late 19th century, was the largest lead producer in Europe. It has 12 miles of underground workings and a deepest level of 1505 metres.

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Jan 21, 2015· The drying house contained heated piping for the drying of the lead miners' clothes and some accommodation for workers. A short section of adit can be found in the hillside. The compressor house used to force air into the mine rather than improving ventilation led to more dust and lung-disease.

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Snailbeach Lead Mine is the most complete collection of mine building remains in England. This large site also includes pools, a small reservoir and areas of woodland for visitors to explore on a warren of paths and trails. Snailbeach was once one of the most productive lead mines in the world.

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A charitable trust set up to preserve and interpret the remains of the Shropshire mining industry, including Tankerville Lead Mine, Snailbeach Lead Mine and Bersham Colliery. Brief information about each mine, and artefacts owned by the Trust.

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The Snailbeach mine site will be open on Sunday 2nd October from 11.00 am until 4.00pm. This is the last scheduled open Sunday for 2016. The short underground tours are available without booking. The longer underground tours are also available but must be booked in advance ([email protected]).

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The first actual evidence of lead mining here at Snailbeach dates all the way back to 1676, and between 1784 and 1862 coal mining was taking place in Pontesford to provide coal and fuel to Snailbeach. In 1877, the Snailbeach District Railway was built, going between here and Pontesford to allow the transportation of the coal and fuel.

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Snailbeach. Quite the same Wikipedia. Just better. What we do. Every page goes through several hundred of perfecting techniques; in live mode. Quite the same Wikipedia. Just better.

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Aug 10, 2016· Snailbeach Lead mine visit in Shropshire. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

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Experience a real lead mine Much of the original mining atmosphere is retained on this site which spreads across a hillside and valley at the small village of Snailbeach. See the original mine buildings, blacksmiths forge, engine sheds and mine shafts.

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Visit Snailbeach lead mine. Aug 25 - Aug 26 · Snailbeach, Shrewsbury, SY5 0NS, United Kingdom. 9 people interested. 11 hrs · Public. 8 · Like · 2 Comments · Full Story. Shropshire Mines Trust added an event. 18. AUG. Visit Snailbeach lead mine. Sun 11:00 AM UTC+01 · Snailbeach, Shrewsbury, SY5 0NS, United Kingdom.