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Microstructure, Spheroidal Graphite Iron. I. INTRODUCTION properties like ductility, maThe use of spheroidal graphite iron castings has been increasing constantly all over the world. In the recent years there has been increasing interest in the microstructure analysis of SGI castings. Most of the work on this subject has been based on

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Understanding Cast Irons - Ductile Iron . Ductile iron, also referred to as nodular iron or spheroidal graphite iron, was patented in 1948. After a decade of intensive development work in the 1950s, ductile iron had a phenomenal nine-fold increase in use as an engineering material during the 1960s, and the rapid increase in commercial ...

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E-Book – Ductile iron pipe systems Chapter 2: Ductile cast iron as a material 2/3 05.2014 In ductile cast iron or spheroidal graphite cast iron the graphite is formed spherically (Fig. 2.2). Spheroids (spherical mineral structures) affect the properties of the basic metallic struc-ture to a considerably lesser extent than lamellae.

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ment of new cast Iron grades driving the surge. Within the available grades cast irons offering attractive combination of excellent mechanical properties, castability and low cost, spheroidal graphite cast irons (SGI) have been thrust into the serious discourse as comparable alternatives to steels in numerous engineering applications. More promi-

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graphite (gray iron) or spheroidal graphite (ductile iron). Figure 2 classifies cast irons according to their com-mercial names, applications, and structures. Lastly, a classification used frequently by the floor foundry worker divides cast irons intO two categories: • Common cast irons: For general-purpose ap-plications, unalloyed or low alloy

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Spheroidal graphite cast iron is a fancy way of saying "ductile iron." For a full description of this material, you can visit our "What is ductile iron" page. These castings are also known as S.G. iron castings or just S.G. iron. The fancy name "spheroidal graphite cast iron" comes from the make-up of ductile iron.

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As a result, cast iron has virtually no elongation. It is a brittle material, and therefore limited in its use in tensile and shock loading applications. The graphite within ductile iron occurs as spheroids, so it is sometimes referred to as spheroidal graphite. Similarly, the term nodular iron stems from the fact that the carbon contained in ...

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Equivalent grades of gray iron, ductile iron, sg iron, nodular graphite iron. This is a comparison table for the gray iron and ductile iron grades of various standards, from dandong foundry, including ISO, GB, ASTM, DIN, EN, JIS, UNI, NF, BS, IS, UNF, NBN, AS, SS, NS. ... Equivalent Grades of Gray Iron (Grey Cast Iron…

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Spheroidal graphite cast iron. Attention! All information is according EN 1563-2005. This grade is absent in EN 1563-2011 Chemical composition of cast iron EN-GJS-400-18U-LT (EN-JS1049), Standards of cast iron EN-GJS-400-18U-LT (EN-JS1049)

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Cast Iron vs. Wrought Steel Cast iron is a composite material Steel matrix Graphite particles of different shapes Graphite makes cast iron More prone to surface cracking Stiffer in compression than tension New methods need to account for differences

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Spheroidal EN-GJS (UNI EN 1563) Spheroidal graphite cast iron or ductile cast iron or nodular cast iron. Characteristic of this material is given by the graphite that, instead to appear in form of flakes, is in form of spheroids thanks to the effect of magnesium on it.

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Nodular iron, also known as ductile iron or spheroidal graphite iron, is cast iron in which the graphite is present as tiny balls, or spherulites, instead of graphite flakes (as in gray iron), or compacted aggregates (as in malleable iron). The nodular irons typi-cally contain from 3.2-4.1% C, 1.8-2.8% Si and up to 0.80% Mn as major constituents.

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Job Knowledge 25. Cast irons are iron based alloys containing more than 2% carbon, 1 to 3% silicon and up to 1% manganese. As cast irons are relatively inexpensive, very easily cast into complex shapes and readily machined, they are an important engineering and structural group of materials.

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Spheroidal Graphite (S.G) Iron is the name given to that cast –iron, where the graphite is present in the matrix in the form of spheroid or globules or nodules. Hence it is also called as Nodular Iron and because of its exceptionally high ductility (with elongation some times as high as 22%) is also referred to as ductile iron.

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Other articles where Spheroidal graphite iron is discussed: aqueduct: Ductile iron, a stronger and more elastic type of cast iron, is one of the most common materials now used for smaller underground pipes (secondary feeders), which supply water to local communities.

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Spheroidal Graphite cast Iron (SGI), also known as ductile iron, represents a perfect material for a very large range of modern applications. It is successfully used wherever optimal strength, stiffness and even low costs are required: high values of tensile strength and Young's modulus are between its ...

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Ductile iron, also known as ductile cast iron, nodular cast iron, spheroidal graphite iron, spheroidal graphite cast iron. While most varieties of cast iron are brittle, ductile iron has much more impact and fatigue resistance, due to its nodular graphite inclusions that are spherical in shape rather than striated.

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12 Chapter 11 -23 Types of Cast Iron Gray iron – 1 - 3 % Si, 2.5 – 4% C – graphite flakes plus ferrite/pearlite – brittleness due to the flake-like graphite • weak & brittle under tension • stronger under compression • excellent vibrational dampening • wear resistant Ductile (nodular) iron – a small amount (0.05 wt%) of Mg or Ce – spheroidal graphite precipitates (nodules)

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Sep 09, 2019· Ductile iron, ASTM A536, has an impressive combination of durability, high-strength, flexibility and low-cost manufacturing. This video takes a look at ductile iron, its applications and why, in ...

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Mechanical Properties of Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron Made by Reduced Pressure Frozen Mold Casting Process Kazumichi Shimizu 1, Yaer Xinba, Masahito Tanaka2 and Hideki Shudai3 1Department of Material Science and Engineering, Muroran Institute of Technology, Muroran 050-8585, Japan 2Sankyo.Co.Ltd, Osaka 555-0001, Japan 3Mayekawa MFG. Co., Ltd, Tokyo 135-8482, Japan

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Ductile iron, also known as ductile cast iron, nodular cast iron, spheroidal graphite iron, spheroidal graphite cast iron and SG iron, is a type of graphite-rich cast iron discovered in 1943 by Keith Millis. While most varieties of cast iron are weak in tension and brittle, ductile iron has much more impact and fatigue resistance, due to its nodular graphite inclusions.

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The latest breakthrough in cast irons is when the matrix of spheroidal graphite cast iron is not pearlite but bainite. The chemical composition of the SG cast iron is similar to that of the grey cast iron but with 0.05 wt% of magnesium. This results in a major improvement in toughness and strength.

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Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron Grades, Properties, Composition, Microstructure, Density and Castings. Spheroidal graphite cast iron can be short as S.G. cast iron, and also can be called as ductile iron, or nodular graphite iron.Therefore, SG cast iron has completely same grades and all mechanical and chemical properties as ductile iron.

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Abstract Weldability of spheroidal graphite ductile cast iron was established using a cheap Ni-Fe and a high purity Ni electrode. A preheating treatment at 350 °C and an annealing treatment at 850 °C were carried out to improve mechanical properties of welded pieces. The pure Ni electrode showed graphite diffusion in the bead with a

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Spheroidal cast iron is an iron carbon based material, the carbon being present mainly in the form of spheroidal graphite particles. Spheroidal cast iron is also known as ductile, and less commonly as nodular iron. This spheroidal graphite is already present in the as cast state and characterises the material properties of spheroidal cast iron.

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Muli®1 - 3) and conical roller bearings (Muli® 4 + 5 and JUMBO® 1 - 5) on the worm shaft make it possible to handle heavy loads Axial ball bearings as the main pressure bearings (for all sizes) give a large safety margin, and increase the overall lifetime The housing in aluminium (Muli® 1 + 2) or highly stable spheroidal graphite cast iron (Muli ...

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May 06, 2019· Cast iron is a ferrous alloy which has more than 2% carbon in it. Though it can have any percentage of carbon between 2% to 6.67%, but practically it is in between 2% to 4% only.

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Microstructures of Cast Iron Janina M. Radzikowska, The Foundry Research Institute, Krako´w, Poland CAST IRON is an iron-carbon cast alloy with other elements that is made by remelting pig iron, scrap, and other additions. For differentia-tion from steel and cast steel, cast iron is defined as a cast alloy with a carbon content (min2.03%)